"Aiya Sketch" March 2012
Done with pencil and biro on brown paper, i have a collection of these "Brown" sketchs and often sell them online.

"Andrej" May 2011
Exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery, London last year as part of the group show "Haze".
Oil on Tulip Wood.
Based on model Andrej Pejic.

"Brick Lane Collection" May 2011
This is one of my walls during the Haze Exhibition last year. All pieces are oil on wood (tulip and douglas fir).

"Porphyria's Lover"  Oct 2010
The front cover of my adaptation of Porphyria's Lover by Robert Browning.

"Porphyrias's Lover graphic" (work completed) Oct 2010
The centre fold of "Porphyria's Lover which has been self published.
The entire work can be seen here.

"Doll Face" Oct 2009
Oil On douglas fir wood.
This piece was exhibited 3 times before being bought by a collector in Belgium.

"Clown" September 2012
A 5 minute concept piece for some charecter design.

"shhhh" August 2010

"My Lover in Handcuffs page 4" March 2009
A page from my graphic novel "My Lover in Handcuffs" A project which still isnt fully complete but can be read here

"The Nautical Princess" August 2011
Charecter concept piece for an unstarted graphic novel "Vagabonds"

"Fox" May 2010

"My Lover in handcuffs page 13" July 2010
Biro and black ink - the wording is hand stamped letter by letter with black ink. I wanted to achive a sort of rough and raw "Organic" feel with hardly any computer interraction.

"My Lover in handcuffs page 31" Febuary 2012

"Edie Brains" July 2010
Part of a Zombie pin-up collection - also the logo for a section on retrodec.com

"Anna Vasta" August 2010
Another Zombie pin - up. All are watercolour and biro

"The Strongman" August 2012
Watercolour and sharpie. Promotional piece for a Bazaar I organised in York.

"The Vagabond Bazaar poster" August 2012
Poster for the Bazaar. Original piece was water colour and biro gramophones - wording and finishing was done in paint(!)

"Ezra sketch" October 2012
Quick pencil sketch loosely based on Ezra Miller.

"Black Roses" September 2012
My first attempt at "Flash tattoo" style and first full sharpie piece.

"The Ram" September 2012